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They add to the supernatural element of the play through their curses. Updike seems to be telling us for the. Hundredth time that the world is dehumanized and that people have buy a mangalsutra commodities to be managed, manipulated, used for one's own purposes, with the result that men have become lifeless, hard, brittle, and their life ultimately absurd. Colored folks won't have 'em 'cause they're half white; white folks won't have 'em 'cause they're colored, so they're just in-betweens. " CHAPTER 20. Scout finds out Dolphus Raymond's secret--that he doesn't really sip whiskey out of the paper bag.

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His words are carefully presented and not at all perfunctory, as he "deal(s) in dangerous things. " The whole essence of Pope's Epistle is his buy mangalsutra to any reasonable person - and in this case the doctor - to appreciate the value of a good poet. The witches seem to call up this dark image, perhaps like a spell, and "command" that it hover through the air, where nothing is left untouched. He finds the box under the bed, takes it outside, and busts it open with a hatchet. Bibliography Armitage, Christopher M.ed. Sir Walter Ralegh: An Annotated Bibliography. It is this idea that ties into the theme of the short story.

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